Tapping the Power of Mindfulness

Why are more businesses incorporating mindfulness into their culture?
By: HRE Editorial

Webinar Date: November 14, 2017

Why are more businesses incorporating mindfulness into their culture? Why are business schools across the U.S. including it in their MBA programs?

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In our new world of information overload and constant change, many people are feeling overwhelmed by the emails, texts and information they are receiving on a daily basis. Smart business leaders know they need to do a better job helping employees navigate all of this information and keep up with the pace of business today. Some employers, however, are better at doing this than others.

One important tool more and more employers are looking to for help is mindfulness. Great companies know that when their workforce understands how to use mindfulness, they get benefits such as better creative problem solving, better communication within teams and better ways to get employees to focus on what is important versus what is just “noise.”

Join us to find out about the science and business case behind mindfulness and how different industries are using it as an essential part of their overall health and well-being strategy. You’ll learn practical tips for getting buy in at your organization as well as some first steps for incorporating the practice into your worksite well-being toolbox.

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