Determining If a Private Exchange Is Right for You

Adoption of the private exchange model is not happening as quickly as originally projected.

Webinar Date: September 13, 2016

Starbucks recently made headlines when it announced that it will offer its employees healthcare coverage via a private exchange, one of the largest and highest-profile companies to do so.

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Yet, adoption of the private exchange model is not happening as quickly as originally projected, especially among larger employers. What gives?

Sean Clem, vice president of technology, marketplace and engagement solutions at Pacific Resources Benefits Advisors, has been studying the exchange marketplace since the solution was first introduced to the marketplace. During the past 18 months, he has helped large employers assess the private-exchange landscape to better understand their options for delivering benefits to their employees. Because Pacific Resources does not offer an exchange or own any technology, he is able to take an objective view of private exchanges.

In this webinar, Sean will help employers understand what it means to evaluate a private exchange. He will:

  • Define what a private exchange is and what it is not. He will also offer insights into how employers define exchanges.
  • Give an overview of the private-exchange marketplace and what he and others at his firm are seeing at client organizations, and what the research tells us.
  • Differentiate between the many audiences that may be moving to a private exchange for active employees at both large and small employers, as well as the retiree population (pre-65 and Medicare-eligible).
  • Discuss an objective approach to evaluating private exchanges by– looking first at the exchange construct in general, and then at how an employer might evaluate a specific (or multiple) exchange for alignment with its overall benefits strategy.

Sean will also outline some general next steps for any employer that is wondering if they should move its employees to a private exchange.

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