20/20 Vision: What You Need to Be a Successful Recruiting Leader

Upcoming Webinar - June 13, 2019
By: | May 15, 2019
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Date and time: Thursday, June 13, 2019 2:00 pm ET

Jade Bourelle
EVP, Product at Jobvite

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In today’s competitive recruiting environment, do you and your team have what it takes to recruit for the best talent? More importantly are your recruiting initiatives driving the necessary business outcomes for your organization?

In this webinar, Jade Bourelle, EVP of Product at Jobvite, will discuss the key do’s and don’ts to ensure success for you as a recruiting leader. He’ll specifically discuss:

  • Key recruiting trends in 2019 – Is your company keeping pace or falling behind from a technological standpoint?
  • The Recruiting Funnel – How to model out the number of candidates you’ll need at the top of the funnel in order to meet your ultimate hiring initiatives.
  • The Future of Recruiting – What you and your team need to do to stay relevant and top of mind for candidates at every stage in the recruiting lifecycle.

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